July 11, 2015 David Funnell

We had not envisaged being back here just a few short weeks after coming to Cherry Tree with our darling boy Aspen on May 2nd this year. Yet, here we were, having to come back with our second rescue dog Akira. We had her from a rescue centre after Aspen passed away and had hoped that she would be with us for a fair few years. Sadly it was not to be and after we had to have her sent to sleep after two failed hip operations we found ourselves contacting Cherry Tree. We knew they would make this very difficult time a little more bearable. Michael met us in the afternoon of Saturday 4 July last and took our sweet girl into the chapel of rest where she lay in peace until Monday 6th July when she was cremated. We met Mark again and as he had laid Aspen to rest, so he did the same with Akira. We could not believe we were back again so soon and especially as Akira was just five years old. She had been with us for six short weeks before her condition became apparent. We loved her as if we had had her for years and we were blessed to have had this sweet, funny, beautiful big hearted girl in our lives. Mark is very caring and compassionate as is Michael. They never do anything but make the incredible pain of loss a little easier to bear, they are wonderful people and we know our darling boy and girl were in safe, gentle hands. Thank you so much