July 13, 2015 David Funnell

In memoriam of our beautiful, sweet baby girl Akira who crossed the rainbow bridge last Saturday 4th July. We had only had her for six short weeks after adopting her from a local rescue centre after our beloved border collie Aspen had passed away a week earlier. We had had him for 15 years and we were blessed to have him in our lives. As bereft as we were, we knew there would be another soul out there needing a home and so we adopted Akira. After six weeks she developed pain coming inside from being in the garden. She was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia and a dislocated right hip. We took her to Fitzpatrick Referrals to give her the best chance of living a pain free life. It was not to be. She had two operations on the right hip and both failed because she had severely wasted leg muscles. The choices we were faced with were amputation, further ops but told they would most likely fail too, or euthanasia. This beautiful girl was not coping with the aftermath of surgery and with very heavy hearts we made the hardest choice of all – to let her go so she would have no more pain. It broke our hearts because she was only five years old. It seemed so unfair because she should have had a long and happy life with us, we loved her very much and we were so blessed, as with Aspen, to have had her in our lives for the time we did. We will never understand why she was only here for the short time she was, she deserved so much more. Cherry Tree made this incredibly hard time a little easier to bear because we had not expected to be back so soon. Michael took our darling girl into the chapel of rest on the Saturday afternoon and Mark laid her to rest on the Monday. We know she was in good, caring hands. Michael and Mark are lovely, caring and compassionate men and without them being there our grief would have not been eased at all. Their calm and comforting nature made this terrible time a little bit easier. Thank you xxx. Goodnight, God bless our sweet Akira, mummy and daddy love you always xxx