July 30, 2015 David Funnell

Sadly our precious cat Reggie dies in our arms on 20th July 2015. This was so traumatic for us even though he was 15.5 years old. He was such a lovable cuddly snugly boy who would sleep next to my husband nightly. At times he would ensure he got in bed before me next to his dad. I was often perched on the edge of the bed.. He would always greet you with a chirp and a meow if you paid no attention. He would snore and groan during the night. He was always there. His litter mate Ronnie would have a daily wash off Reg whether he needed it or not. Reg would do a little dance in the litter tray and then have a mad half hour if he had a poo. No matter how many times we brushed him he would got straight out an roll in the dust.
Reggie was such a big part of our life and gave us unconditional love and when the sad times came he was there right by our side. We love you Reggie and only the best send off was to be good enough for you. We was given the cherry tree number by our vet and we was allowed one last night with him before we took his body to cherry tree. We was treated as the grieving parents we are, the hardest,thing was leaving him there and driving away. The quaulity of the memorials we could choose from was wonderful . We have opted for a necklace for me, a ring with Reggie’s ashes for Derek . We also have a photo frame with the rest of his ashes. Thank you cherry tree for your sensitive approach and the after care you gave our lovely irreplaceable Reggie.