January 8, 2022 David Funnell

Today, 8th January 22, it is one year since we lost our beautiful Amber. We were lucky to have Amber in our lives for 14 years and we miss her terribly every day. One year on, I wanted to send my heartfelt thanks again to the team at Cherry Trees for the support and the kindness they showed us on that saddest of days last year.

From the moment we called we felt like you would have gone to any lengths to ensure Amber’s last hours would be stress free. Even though we asked you at short notice to come out to us that very same day, and in the height of COVID restrictions, you arranged everything with such care and understanding – especially at a time of distress for us at the thought of losing our little girl.

Nicola has such a gentle, calm energy and so Amber was completely relaxed with her immediately. We were so grateful that Nicola slowly and carefully explained what she would do and what to expect. Amber fell asleep very quietly and gently and passed away – in her own bed, in her own home with her family around her.

We had time with Amber to say our final goodbyes and for her friend Saphie to know that she’d gone. At 7pm Amber was scooped up gently in her blanket and taken to Cherry Trees and we picked up her ashes the following morning.

Had we not been aware of you and relied on our vet practice, Amber’s last day would have been very different. Because of the empathy and professionalism of everyone at Cherry Trees, Amber’s last day was dignified and peaceful – and made a little more bearable for her family. We are forever thankful to you all.