January 8, 2022 David Funnell

Today has probably been the worst day of my life, there was no warning, she wasn’t Ill she was eating and drinking fine but I think she was masking, see everyone that knew my Fifi, she was a shy and a nervous cat, preferred to roam and live outside but over the last year she’s been coming home and spending longer indoors and wanting to be closer to us………

We rescued her in September 2011 I was wanting a kitten went to have a look at her she wasn’t a kitten but she was in a right state, shut in one room and tormented by a spiteful 4 year old child!! I couldn’t leave her it would of gone against my nature!!

………She was shy 🙈 she was nervous but my god she was sneaky she would have your chicken off your plate without even knowing!! She did the best head butts ever and the only cat I’ve ever known to love having her belly rubbed!! She loved snuggles but on her terms and she forever preferred the sofa to the scratch post 😐 and she was the Queen of my other two cats, one her Son she knew how to tell him off!! She was so loving when she allowed you in, you had to gain her trust though!!………….

I tried Fifi and I’m so sorry that all I could do was hold you in my arms but I am so glad you chose your last moment in my arms 😭💔 fly high baby girl I will love you always 💖💖💖

Fifi 2011-07/01/22