Mark L’ Estrange-Corbet

Mark L’ Estrange-Corbet
October 14, 2019 David Funnell


My Darling Beauty took her name very seriously, and just like the character in the story she too thought she was a princess.

Therefore, she would always come in last and demand her dinner once everyone else had finished theirs.

She would not use the cat flap unless you lifted the lid for her.

She would voice her displeasure whenever I took her to the vets (there and back).

And she always expected traffic to stop when she ambled across the road in her own sweet time.

Alas, on the last occasion the car did not stop in time, and my gorgeous little girl was cruelly taken from me when we should have had years left together.

Your daddy will always miss you baby.

Sleep well my angel, until we meet again xxx