Sarah and Callom

Sarah and Callom
February 10, 2020 David Funnell
For Tusk,
Your big white paws and pointy ears have followed us through thirteen years,
a protector of Callom and loved so much, a big cuddly bear so soft to touch.
Those sky blue eyes and chocolate nose won over the hearts of most,
though truth be told – as its always best, they were mostly used for cheekiness!
Your scattered toys and empty bed, where you once lay your head,
will remind us of your time with us, when we would play, then you’d want your fuss.
Our time has flown, its gone too fast and these heartbreaking moments will be our last.
Your big white paws and pointy ears, will leave us now with many tears.

I hope you are laying in the sun, on the grass with the breeze blowing through your beautiful fur, and a stream nearby to dip your paws.
We will miss you so much, you will never be forgotten. xxx