The Bishop family

The Bishop family
January 25, 2021 David Funnell

What a fantastic service you provide! Credit where credit is due, you handled a very difficult time in our familys life with complete and utter professionalism and expertise.. Your input and the time you showed us was 1st class. And we couldn’t possibly think of anywhere where improvements could be made..

You handled everything above and beyond our expectations and even when I know you promised to pick woody io from the vets after he vacated this plain, I was worried something had happened and he might have been missed, I called your office but then realised it was way ofter closing time….. I let a message and to your credit you returned my call and we ended up chatting for ages and you put my mind at rest knowing he was all safe and gad already been cremated.. And k owing that was such a relief to me and my family… We even booked to collect his ashes early on the Monday morning, and true to your word, he was waiting for us and you spent a little time getting to hear our stories… And I can only imagine you have heard hundreds of not thousands of tearful stories over the years.. But the difference is it shows that you genuinely care!

We, as a family, will be singing your praises from the rooftops.!!! .. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done for us in this difficult time..

Rest assured you really do make the biggest of differences in times like these.. Utter respect.

Find attached photos of Woody, that always cheered us up, from him as a puppy to him as the perfect friend he grew up into.. *Miss him so much**