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About Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium

Based in the beautiful Kent countryside, the Cherry Tree Pet Crematorium provides a compassionate and understanding service for those who have recently lost a faithful companion.

Although we have been helping people through the lose of pets and horses for over 20 years cherry tree was itself was started 13 years ago. What makes cherry tree such a special place for us to live and work is that 13 years ago it was just as field. We sold our house to purchase our 12 acres and started the long haul of gaining planning permission for the crematorium.

This period of time was very hard and stressful but having sold our house we had to battle on. We were granted planning permission in 2000 for the crematorium, and in 2007 cherry tree became our home when we were granted permission to build our family house. In 2009 we were granted permission for our new reception rooms chapel of rest and office. Having achieved what we thought was going to be at times the impossible, it is this that gives us the pride and passion to offer the caring and dignified service for your treasured friends.


With such lovely surroundings Cherry Tree is not only our family home, but home to our own ever expanding range of pets these include three Llamas, two pony’s, five dogs, several chickens, two gerbils, two geese, and a ferret, Being surround by so many pets it really does give us the true understanding that what ever type of pet you own however big or small they are all such special family members.

The Funnell family have a long history in the world of show jumping and eventing with Pippa and William Funnell being well known personalities. so we intimately understand the profound feelings of grief at the loss of a devoted and beloved horse.

As members of the Federation of Private Pet Crematoriums we adhere to a strict code of conduct that assures our cremations are carried out with due respect and that individual cremations really are individual.

We are also proud to be recommended by a large number of veterinary surgeons in our local area, who recognize the extra efforts we take to make your friend’s final journey a peaceful, respectful and comforting experience.

If you have any questions about us or our services, we welcome your call throughout the week.