We specialise in individual cremations carried out with the greatest care and consideration.

cremations-hero2At Cherry Tree we’re animal lovers ourselves and understand what our clients are going through. We offer a caring and considerate service in excellent facilities which guarantees individual cremations with a wide range of beautiful caskets.

Your beloved pet can be either collected from your Home or Veterinary practice or alternatively you may wish to bring your pet directly to Cherry Tree where you can say your farewells in the privacy of our tranquil reception rooms.

additional-horseAfter discussing your wishes and giving you total peace of mind about the service we carry out here at cherry tree we’ll leave you alone to say goodbye one last time for as long as you need in complete privacy, we understand what a difficult time this can be.

Individual cremation we absolutely guarantee that all individual cremations really are absolutely individual and that all ashes returned will be from your loved companion. Ashes can be collected from us or returned to your veterinary surgery.

Pet bereavement support losing a pet can be a devastating blow for anyone and while we help as much as we can, sometimes people need a lot more support. The Pet Bereavement Support Service is run by the Blue Cross and can offer you support and understanding through telephone and e-mail befrienders, call or e-mail them for free at any time 0800 096 6606 or email:

Whether you already have your mind set or simply want to ask our advice, please contact us at any time to discuss arrangements for your companion animal’s cremation.