Horse Ambulance Service

A professional, reliable and expert ambulance service for horses ideal for hire at events and shows across the south east.

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Our family has worked and competed with horses for many years and our love for them inspired establishing our services, but we also like to help horses long before their final rest and operate a full equine ambulance service ideal for:

Horse racing  Eventing  Show jumping  County shows

Time is critical treating equine injuries; horses are such big and heavy animals that even a minor leg injury can quickly worsen if the horse isn’t properly supported and treated as quickly as possible. If the injury is serious enough for them to lay down the problem gets even worse as the weight of their body lying down puts increased pressure and stress on internal organs.

With our expert handling and fully equipped jockey club approved ambulance injured horses can be fully supported in a professional harness system that takes the weight off of an injury whilst keeping the horse standing upright.

Our ambulance team can then get to an animal hospital or veterinarian quickly and safely so that the injury can be professionally treated as soon as possible. Injured horses can be loaded and unloaded without having to turn to come out of a side ramp.

We provide equine ambulance services at events across the south east from major races to occasions like Agricultural Show where horses are a traditional part of the day. Always staffed by a team who know how to handle horses, get them safely supported and keep them calm the ambulance can make a crucial difference between a minor injury that is quickly treated or something much more serious.

Whatever the occasion make sure that the horses have the support they need to minimise any damage caused by an injury contact us today to learn more about the service or arrange a booking for our team to be on hand.