Memorial Jewellery

See You Jewellery

See You Jewellery is a new idea designed by Rob Leurs in Holland.

The jewellery has been designed so that the ashes actually form part of the design using a resin mixed with a small amount of ashes.

Cherry Tree is able to carry out this procedure on the same day

Ash Jewellery

A memory close at heart

New in our collection is a broad range of silver jewellery for ashes. These pieces of jewellery are made of high-quality 925 Sterling silver, which means that it is made of at least 92.5% pure silver. The remaining 7,5% is an alloy to give strength to the jewel.

Typical for these pieces of jewellery is their perfect finish which makes the jewel not recognisable as an ash holder. Moreover, the pendant is not attached to the necklace, but the necklace goes through the pendant. Also the necklaces are made of high-quality silver and each and every link of the necklace is welded preventing wear or breakage of the jewel.